We’re EXPOSING  Bridal Expo photographers and revealing what makes them “click” with images that they are most passionate about. Although they are all accomplished in every photography style, the truth is that they each have an inner voice which exemplifies why they are Calgary’s most celebrated wedding photographers.

Enjoy this inside tour of their some of their favourite wedding images.

Andras Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Andras Schram is known world wide for his artistic style! He gets joy from creating dramatic images that become works of art for  the couples he photographs.

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Untitled unnamed

Just look at the elegant drama of this Rocky Mountain wedding! Aydin brings his energy to weddings, keeping couples smiling while capturing them in a natural documentary style in both his Photography & Films.
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Darryl Jang Photographyunnamed

Beautiful, artistic and modern…..Darry Jang Photography is elegant and vivid!

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Edward Ross Title Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Passionate, fun-loving and adventurous, Edward Ross loves to celebrate milestones with couples, and mixes an artistic eye with a respect for tradition.

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Heninger Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Using every image to capture the real emotions that are unique to weddings is the driving creative force behind Heninger Photography – every wedding has a story that is best told through the varying emotions of a wedding day.

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Katelynn Anneunnamed-1

Kathleen Anne Photography captures couples in their natural state – comfortable and in love!

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Kristi Sneddon Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Photography for people who just want something a little more…. Kristi Sneddon loves soft and beautiful images for the sophisticated romantic.

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Kyle Hamilton Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Kyle Hamilton Photography loves an adventure, isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty, and likes to have a laugh with clients while capturing their wedding day. 

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Mou Studio Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

 MOU, an acronym for “Memories of Us”. This represents The Mou Studio’s story driven photography. Laughter, tears, love, joy, emotions – they capture it all.

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One Edition TitleCalgary wedding photography wedding photographers

One Edition captures images with a loving ode to the printed photograph and a passion to honour each couple’s relationship and unique story with creativity and personality.

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PMG Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

PMG Image is all about the purity of the image. For Paul, wedding photography is about the stories people tell, the history that photos create and the memories that they share.

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Renkor Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Photography that focuses on capturing timeless truths and raw emotions, RENKOR Photography strives to capture an intimate peek into the emotions brought forth on the wedding day of a bride and groom.

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Sofia Katherine



Bold storytelling is what Sofia Katherine Photography is all about!  She thrives on dramatic & bold portraits paired with candids that show off what it FELT like to be part of the wedding.

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Sarah Pukin Title Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Specializing in documentary style wedding photography, Sarah Pukin is always looking to capture the unique qualities of your love on film. It’s moments like this that make her smile.

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White Sneaker Title

Calgary wedding photography wedding photographers

Comfortable, fun loving and professional, White Sneaker Weddings captures those quirky moments for those couples who aren’t afraid to embrace their off-the-wall nature.

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